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Francesca and Ben’s Wedding Day

4 Camera’s + 3 photographers + a beautiful bride and groom + beautiful setting + beautiful details =

The Dress
Putting the Dress On.
                                                  The Flower Girl getting her hair done
The Best Man and Groom
Grandma happily looks on.
The Groom awaits his bride
The Bride arrives.

The Grooms First Look!
The Father of the Bride see his daughter for the first time!
Walking down the isle
The Wedding!

Bride and Groom
Such a happy Grandma!
The Kiss!
The new Mr. and Mrs.
Bride and Groom

Waling on the Pier
On the Pier
The Ladies
The Men

Mr. and Mrs.
Bow Tie and Flower!
The Bridal Party
Rice CrispyTreat Cake! PopCorn and Cookies.

Fresh Flowers all over the place!
The Father of the Bride plays a song for his daughter!
Tebow Entrance
First Dance.
I’m His Mrs.    I’m Her Mr.

Parents give a toast.
Father of the Bride giving a little advice to his new Son-in-Law
The bride on the Dance floor